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Physical therapy is a covered medical expense under most major medical insurance plans. In order for therapy to be reimbursed by insurance, a doctor's prescription is sometimes required. Top Care Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation participates in many insurance plans. In network as well as out of network.

We will help you
find the right plan

If needed, we offer payment plans to our patients and work with them to make treatment possible at a reasonable cost. With many of today's insurance plans, the out-of-network coinsurance can cost the patient the same (or even less) as the in-network co-payment.

Most popular insurance plans that we work with:

Following is a list of the most popular HMO, PPO, and POS insurance plans that we work with, both in-and out-of-network. If your insurance is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything possible to work with your plan.

Id# 272706436
Aetna/US Healthcare

Id# 9495450
Health Plus
Id# 00600035741
(Anna Leonowicz)
Id# 272706436
Health Providers

Id# 272706436
Health First
Id# 272706436
Multi Plan
Id# 1203099M5
Id# 272706436
Health Care Systems
Id# 272706436
Atlantis Health Plan
Id# 272706436
Child Health Plus
Id# 00600035741
(Anna Leonowicz)
Family Health Plus
Id# 00600035741
(Anna Leonowicz)
Empire Blue Cross
Id# Q018Q01
Health Net
Id# 7C4447
Fidelis Care
Id# 272706436
Id# P4163620
United HealthCare
Id# 272706436
US Family Health
Id# 272706436
Worker Compensation/No Fault
Medicare /Medicaid

Our Billing Staff has extensive physical therapy billing experience to address all your
insurance concerns. We will: